Subletting Agreement Va

A landlord (i) cannot recover or take possession of the dwelling unit by deliberately reducing the services provided to the tenant by interrupting or creating an essential service imposed by the tenancy agreement, or (ii) by denying access to the unit to the tenant, unless such a refusal is due to a decision of the court. C. If the tenant commits an offence that is not remediable, the lessor may notify the tenant of a written notification of the acts and omissions that constitute the offence and the indication that the lease expires on a date of at least 30 days after receiving the notification. Notwithstanding the contrary, the lessor may immediately terminate the lease and take possession of the premises if a breach of the tenant`s obligations under this chapter or lease implies or constitutes a criminal or intentional act that is not likely to remedy and constitutes a danger to health or safety. For the purposes of this subsection, any illicit drug activity involving a controlled substance as used or defined in the Narcotic Control Act or any activity involving or constituting a criminal or intentional act, which also constitutes a danger to health and safety, constitutes an immediate violation and not a concern by the tenant. , a licensed detainee or a guest client or tenant for whom the lessor is awaiting a conviction of an offence that may arise from the same acts. In order to obtain an order from a competent court terminating the lease for illicit drug activity or any other activity involving or constituting a criminal or intentional act that also constitutes a danger to health and safety, the lessor must prove such offences by being overweight. However, where the illicit activity of narcotics or any activity involving or constituting a criminal or intentional act, which also constitutes a danger to health and safety, is carried out by an authorized inmate or a guest guest, the tenant is deemed to be aware of these activities, unless the presumption is contradicted by an overweight evidence. The first hearing on the landlord`s appeal for immediate detention of the premises will take place within 15 calendar days from the date of the tenant`s service; However, the court orders a pre-hearing when the premises present emergency conditions that pose an immediate danger to the health or safety of other tenants. At the end of the first hearing, when the case is scheduled for a later hearing or for a contentious proceeding, the Tribunal orders that, as far as possible, the case be served as a priority in the accused`s bench. This subsequent hearing or litigation is heard no later than 30 calendar days after the day of the tenant`s service.

During the transitional period between the day of the first hearing and the day of an oral or litigation proceeding, the Tribunal may take any other corrective action or exemption necessary to protect the interests of the parties to the proceedings or the interests of another tenant on the site. The Tribunal`s refusal to hold one of the hearings within the time frame set out in this section does not provide a basis for the dismissal of the case.

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