There Are No Collective Agreements

In the three months prior to the expiry of or within a period of agreement, one party may inform the other party in writing of its intention to enter into negotiations for a new collective agreement or agreement. In accordance with national laws and dissent, measures should be taken to allow voluntary negotiations between company representatives and workers` representatives on the regulation of wages and conditions of employment through collective agreements. [6] The United States recognizes collective agreements[9] [10] [11] A collective agreement is entered into in companies or entities constituting such a business and with legal personality, regardless of their ownership nature, industry or number of persons employed. The employer is required to allow the union or representative body, authorized by the workers, to inform each worker of the draft collective agreements drawn up by the parties and to make available to these organizations the internal means of communication and information, calculators and other technical equipment, the premises for off-hours meetings and consultations and the space necessary for the installation of Bulletin Boards. A collective agreement remains in effect in the event of changes to the membership, structure or religion of the company`s governing body and the breach of the company`s employment contract. Dialogue between employers, workers and their representatives is urgently needed at a time of disorganization (see automation or climate change), worsening social inequalities (as evidenced by global protests, particularly due to insufficient household incomes) and new business models that have led to discontent with surveillance and working conditions. New unions and attempts to form them are emerging everywhere. The OECD report reminds in time that a healthy social dialogue is not an enemy of productivity or progress, because “the quality of the working environment is on average higher in countries where social partners are well organized and collective agreements are largely satisfied.”

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