Vmware End User License Agreements

Although a client may use VMware to provide hosted services to third parties, there are many restrictions on functions that can be shared without VMware`s written consent. Third parties cannot use the Software as service agencies, application providers or similar capabilities, and the licensee cannot transfer or sublicate software without VMware`s approval. In addition, some reference test results may not be disclosed outside or to the software`s engineering inversion information. The licensing agreement also limits the circumvention of security protocols that are also covered by the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (“DMCA”). See VMware End User License Agreement (“EULA”), sections 3.1 and 17.C .1201. 16.0 General. This agreement defines the fullness of Veeam`s commitment and the exclusive rights of the end user with respect to the software and does not replace, in an order or any other written or advertising communication signed or made jointly by both parties with respect to the software, provided that this is done in an order or any other written communication or advertisement. , which was signed or assigned jointly by both parties with respect to the software, all conditions contrary to the order and any other communication or advertising regarding the software. Any failure of a party to exercise or enforce any of its rights under this ECJ will be considered a waiver of those rights. If a provision of this Board is found to be illegal or unenforceable, it is applied to a maximum permissible measure and the legality and applicability of the other provisions of the ECJ are not affected. This ECJ is governed by the laws of Switzerland, regardless of the principles of legal choice. They accept that exclusive jurisdiction over claims or disputes arising from or in connection with this Board.C.A. rests with the Swiss courts in the canton of Zug.

This Agreement and the underlying licenses cannot be granted without completely removing the installation of the Besier software, notifying and providing Veeam with the agent`s contact information (for assistance purposes), and is subject to the agent`s agreement for the terms of this Contract and The License.

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